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When you look at the roof of your home or business, do you see buckled shingles? This is an indication that a roof inspection is an immediate priority. Roofs by Rodger is your source for Mattoon roofing inspections and repair.

There are many possible causes of the buckling of your roof's shingles. Our inspectors will carefully inspect all areas of your roof to pinpoint the issue and make a plan to resolve as efficiently as possible.

One possible cause of raised and buckled shingles is inadequate ventilation in your attic. This can result in damage to your roof, causing necessary replacement sooner than anticipated. An inspection of your attic ventilation by our trained inspector will reveal any airflow issues in the attic space.

A second possible cause of shingle warping or buckling on your roof is improper installation of your shingles or underlayment. If you roof was not professionally installed, it may not have been done right. A roof inspection can identify any gaps in the roof deck, multiple layers of shingles, or other installation issues that might be the source of the buckling.

Shingle buckling can also be due to the weather extremes in our area. The high and low temperatures that we experience throughout the year, along with rain, snow and ice can result in seasonal shifting.

Have a question regarding roof maintenance or siding? Please ask a roofing expert from Roofs By Rodger of Mattoon IL.

It is important to contact a reliable roofing contractor as soon as possible once you observe any buckled shingles. During the spring and summer months, you may pay more than needed to cool your home and put extra stress on your air conditioning units. Your home is also not fully protected when you leave your roof unrepaired.

Our professional and qualified installers are trained in the proper ways to install and repair your shingled roof. We use only the highest-quality roofing materials, ensuring that you will not have further problems. We are so sure that we are providing you with a quality product that our manufacturers are willing to guarantee the materials with a solid warranty. Our roofing materials are designed for the weather conditions in our area including moisture throughout the year.

Don't take the chance that your home is further damaged as the result of inadequate venting of your attic or improper installation of roofing materials. Give us a call and let one of our professional inspectors make recommendations to allow you to maximize the efficiency of your home and keep it protected.

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