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Hailstorms are a natural occurrence that every homeowner should be prepared for because hail damage can be costly to repair. When hailstones are more than 0.75 inches, which is about the size of a penny, then they are large enough to cause considerable damage to homes.

It can be difficult for a homeowner to identify when hailstones have damaged his or her roof, which is why it can be helpful to consult a Mattoon roofing expert. If a homeowner is not sure his or her roof has been damaged, then a roofing professional can easily identify problems.

When shingles become damaged by hailstones, then it can cause water to leak through the roof. If left untreated, then this will lead to additional problems that can include damage to a roof deck, interior walls, support structure and windows.

When a homeowner has an asphalt roof, then hailstone damage can appear as dark spots on the roof. There are also cases where a homeowner can see missing shingles, holes or cracking that has occurred from hailstone damage. When an asphalt roof has damage from hailstones, then there is an increased risk for water leaks as well as mold growth due to excess moisture. There is also a risk of wood rot that can have a negative impact on the structural integrity of a home and eventually cause a roof to collapse.

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Tile shingles are becoming popular among homes because of their strength and durability, but they are also susceptible to hailstone damage. Tile shingles are made of concrete or clay, which typically makes them stronger than asphalt shingles. During a severe hailstorm, tile shingles can become cracked and will leave the underlying roof exposed. In a case where there has been hailstone damage to a tile roof, it is recommended that a homeowner stays off of the roof to prevent further damage. A homeowner should contact a roofing professional as soon as possible so that the damage is dealt with properly.

The size, shape and angle of impact of hailstones can determine the degree of damage that can be caused to a roof. It can be difficult to identify if hailstones have caused damage to a roof, but it is important to inspect a roof carefully after a hailstorm has passed. If a homeowner is not comfortable inspecting his or her roof, then a roofing professional can determine if any damage was caused and repair the damage quickly.

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