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Homes today often feature peaked or sloped roofs that feature multiple panels or sections of roof that meet along a ridge. Though some commercial buildings may also feature a peaked roof, most have a flat roof. Flat roofs are susceptible to much more damage that sloped roofs because there is a lack of proper drainage. Mattoon roofing companies recommend that local business owners give them a call when they experience problems with their flat roofs.

There is a difference between a flat roof and one that only looks flat from the ground. Contractors can install a roof that looks flat and matches the surrounding edges of the building while still adding a slight slope. This forces water that hits the roof to roll down the sides and hit the gutters, which then pushes the water into the downspouts.

When a roof requires the addition of a peak, experts refer to the project as a buildup. These use tarpaper, fiberglass underlayment or another type of underlayment to build up the surface of the roof. Professionals can also use other materials to add a slight or deep slope to the roof.

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Contractors use measuring tools to determine the height and depth of the slope and to ensure that the slope is even across the roof. They can also add an aluminum coating to provide additional protection. Though some commercial properties with flat tops already have an aluminum coating on that surface, it's possible for the coating to develop dents and other signs of damage after a storm or exposure to the elements.

Local companies can also help businesses with a layover or a tear off of an existing roof. A tear off is a project that allows workers to remove any shingles or old materials on the roof to make way for new materials. This is usually necessary when the shingles no longer have any granules, are coated in mold or mildew, or are broken and cracked.

A layover serves as an alternative to a tear off. Instead of removing those old materials, roofers lay new materials right on top. They may build a membrane to cover the old materials first, or they may pour a thin layer of concrete or sealant on top. There is a big difference between the cost of a tear off and the cost of a layover, which is why many turn to trusted roofers for help making the right decision.

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