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Mattoon Roofing: Article About Copper Versus Aluminum Gutters

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The only time many homeowners stop and think about the gutters and downspouts on their homes or buildings is when they see the pieces hanging loose from the building. This type of damage often occurs because of high winds that break the attachments used to keep the components on the building. It also occurs when animals and birds leave behind nests and trash accumulates inside, which causes clogs that add enough weight to loosen the pieces. Two of the more common types of gutters are those made from aluminum and those made from copper. Mattoon roofing companies can help property owners learn more about each material before suggesting one type for the building.

Aluminum is one of the top choices. While it's a little more expensive than vinyl, which is typically the cheapest option, it's also much stronger than vinyl and can last for twice as long. Contractors have access to a wide range of tools and equipment for hanging aluminum gutters and attaching the gutters to the building. Homeowners might opt for hidden brackets that keep the gutters attached but remain hidden behind the gutters. Contractors can also use nails that they pound right through the inside of the gutters and into the wall behind. Seamless gutters are available in aluminum and have a complete look that many homeowners like.

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Copper can be up to 10 times more expensive than aluminum, but its longevity makes it a popular choice. With proper maintenance and installation, copper gutters can last nearly as long as the structure does. Though copper can change colors when exposed to rain and moisture, many people actually prefer the look of weathered copper to the color of the original gutters. Many homeowners opt for decorative brackets that come in the same color as the copper, adds to the decorative appeal of the home and weathers over time to match the gutters.

Metal gutters can show signs of wear and tear and weathering over time. Hail, snow, ice and wind can dent the metal and lead to rusting. Local roofing companies often recommend that homeowners add a protective sealant on aluminum gutters to prevent rusting.

Those who want something more durable might opt for steel gutters. Steel is more expensive than aluminum but less expensive than copper and often lasts just as long as copper. As there are so many benefits to each type of metal gutter, it's important that homeowners weigh their options before choosing one type of metal for a home or business.

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