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Champaign Roofing: Article About Why Proper Roof Ventilation Is Important

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There are certain building codes that must be met when constructing a commercial or residential property. These building codes are designed to make sure moisture does not develop, creating a dangerous environment that will also shorten the life of the roof. Champaign roofing professionals know that proper ventilation installation will help keep attics cool and dry as well as reduce the overall energy consumption of the house.

When homeowners fail to have their roof properly vented, the amount of sunshine each day, especially in the summer, will build up inside the house. It accumulates in the attic space, creating a room that can be 1.5 times the temperature outside. When a room overheats, there will be long lasting damage to the structure of the home and items inside the room. If there is any moisture, then mildew, iced dams and damage to the insulation will occur. In addition, the shingles on the roof can begin to curl or crack. Homeowners will notice that their fans, refrigerators and air conditioners have to work harder and have shorter lifespans.

In order to understand the importance of proper ventilation, it is necessary to understand how ventilation works.

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Ventilation creates a flow of air that prevents moisture and temperature from rising. There are two ways to create air movement, the first being through ventilation in the roof that creates a natural movement of air. The other is through mechanical forces, or a fan that moves the air around. Both methods will create a stack and wind effect.

The stack effect that occurs during ventilation is when hot air rises, causing the temperatures to rise near the roof of the home. It is ideal to have ventilation at both the top and bottom of the room, allowing the hot air to escape the pressure that builds in the room and letting cooler air enter. The intake vents should be placed near the roof's edge, and the exhaust vents should be placed near the ridges on the roof.

The wind effect is caused by the mechanical forces placed in the attic, but it is still necessary to have the intake and exhaust vents. The wind will help drive the air around and will cool the surfaces of the house. It also helps create the pressure to drive hot air out and pull the cool air in. Overall, having proper ventilation will enhance the performance of the roof, especially in areas where the weather changes often.

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