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Before the advent of asphalt bitumen shingles, wooden shakes or shingles were the only viable option for most homeowners. Still today, many choose to retain the beauty and longevity of wood on their rooftops. Many Champaign roofing contractors, therefore, retain the skills needed to properly install wood roofing materials.

Shakes and shingles have much in common, though shakes tend to be more rough cut and tapered at the end. In North America, both are manufactured primarily from California redwood or Western red cedar, but pine and cypress wood are also sometimes used. Redwood and cedar are predominant because of their intrinsic ability to resist rot, mold and insect infestation. Even these woods, however, can deteriorate if not maintained with an occasional cleaning.

Most U.S. shakes are cut 24 inches long, but an 18 inch length is used for barn shakes. Shingles, on the other hand, have three main lengths: 16, 18 and 24 inches. Both shakes and shingles are cut in a generally rectangular pattern. It is imperative that they be cut so that the grain of the wood flows down the length of the shake or shingle. This will prevent easy splitting and warping when the wood dries out.

One end of the shake or shingle will be thick, and the other end rather thin.

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Installation requires the thick end to be exposed to the weather and the thin end to be covered by the thick end of the piece just above it. Thus, an interlocking, overlapping system is used to keep moisture and wind out.

Wood roofing can last 40 to 60 years if properly maintained. It can be treated with wood preservatives and a fire retardant coating. It resists hail and other impacts well and, when firmly nailed down, is able to stay attached despite very high winds. Wood roofing is also more energy efficient than asphalt. Finally, wood is an all natural, fully biodegradable product that will never clutter up a landfill.

Some varieties of wood shingles are squared to make the sides parallel and then butted for extremely straight end cuts. This can make installation easier and create a neater, more finished look. There are also shingles called fancy cut that display decorative woodcut patterns. The added style of fancy cut shingles make them worth the extra price to many. Paint and stains are sometimes on wood roofing, but many prefer the natural look with only protective coatings applied.

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