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Champaign Roofing: Article About Types Of Roofs and Roof Sections

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Different types of roofs and different sections of the same roof vary in their roofing requirements. A good Champaign roofing contractor will know how to explain in detail the ins and outs of handling each variety of roofing challenge.

First of all, different materials are preferable for high versus low sloped roofs. Anything with a pitch greater than 12 inches of rise per 2 feet of run is considered high sloped. That is, the angle of a high sloped roof is 45 degrees or greater. Low sloped roofs will have long stretches that rise very gently, making them easy to walk on. In between these two extremes is the medium sloped roof, which is a very common type.

Low sloped roofs are often best covered with metal or thermoplastics. Steep slopes usually can take a wider variety of membranes, including asphalt shingles, sheet metal, clay or concrete tiles, slate, wood shakes or shingles and synthetic polymers. It is very important to match the proper material with the roof slope.

Next, some houses will have with gables with rake roofs on top. These types of gables connect to the main roof area.

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Other times, the gables are located only at the two ends of a very simple roof design. There are also mini gables on some homes for decorative purposes. In the roofing world, these are sometimes referred to as doghouses. Finally, hipped roofs typically have four sides and never have a gable or rake.

All of these different sections of a roof will need to be tackled somewhat differently by professional roofers. Peaks and hip joints will need to be outfitted with ridge caps. Valleys will need to be made extremely water resistant. Flashing will need to be installed around chimneys, pipe vents and box vents as well as along sidewalls. Separated gables and doghouses will require extra set up and attention.

In essence, the roof type and roof section will factor into the labor involved, the time spent and the material used. It is not simply a matter of approaching every square inch of every roof in the exact same manner. Instead, roofers must adjust themselves to the contours and demands of each roof area they deal with.

A good roofing contractor will be familiar with what types of materials are best for each roof type. They will also be prepared with the equipment, tools and materials needed for every part of the roof decking that must be covered.

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