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Champaign Roofing: Article About Shingle Warranty Terms and Conditions

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The benefits of hiring certified, factory trained contractors greatly affect the cost and quality of a roofing project. Shingles need to be maintained by trained professionals to keep them in good condition. As rain washes down on shingles, the oils and minerals gradually come loose and go down the storm drain. This process causes them to wear down and shrink. Champaign roofing contractors should perform yearly inspections of a roof to find these problems before they worsen. If shingles are allowed to shrink too much, gaps will form between them, causing leaks. The most common areas to find leaks are around the peaks and eaves of a roof because rain washes over these places more than others. Leaks near the top of a roof have the most potential to cause damage because they allow the most water to drip inside the home.

Regular maintenance is part of owning a shingle roof, but there are problems that inspections and cleaning can't prevent. Although fiberglass asphalt shingles have the highest fire safety rating available for roofing materials, they can still be destroyed by a house fire. Most of the time, homeowners have to pay for a roof replacement themselves, even when the shingles are covered by a warranty. Manufacturers offer warranty protection to make up for unavoidable inconsistencies in the manufacturing process, but all warranties have terms and conditions that exclude certain causes of damage.

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A bolt of lightning might be covered by a shingle warranty, but a fire caused by bad electrical wiring never is. The electrical problem can be prevented, so complete warranty coverage can only be offered when the shingle company knows that a home's HVAC and electrical systems are in good condition.

There's only one zero liability warranty in the roofing industry, and only the best roofers in the business are able to offer it. The shingle company GAF offers the Golden Pledge warranty through its Master Elite program. Not only do homeowners get a 100 percent guarantee that their roof will hold up for 50 years, but they get the great customer service and professionalism that only Master Elite contractors can offer. The warranty is backed by a factory inspection, performed by GAF, to ensure that the roofer followed the proper procedure. Any problem that is found must be fixed while the inspector watches. It's unusual for the inspector to find a problem because Master Elite roofers receive extensive training from the same factory that performs the inspection. Only the top 3 percent of roofers meet the strict requirements of the Master Elite program.

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