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The roof is one of the integral features of any structure, and regular maintenance of the roof could prevent serious damage and expense in the future. Champaign roofing companies can provide a survey and evaluation of the roof on a home or commercial building. The evaluation will usually present two options: to replace the existing roof or to repair any damage to the roof. The decision to replace or repair the roof should be based on several factors. Homeowners should consider the age of the current roof and the climate of the area before making a decision, and they should also decide on their budget before they begin any work.

Replacing the entire roof can have benefits. Sometimes, it is a better value to choose a roof replacement rather than to provide repair work to the roof or only replace one side, especially if the whole roof will need an overhaul in the near future. If the area is prone to severe storms like tornadoes or hurricanes, homeowners should consider that a new, structurally sound roof could prevent the serious damage to the home that is caused by these storms.

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A new roof can also keep the building warm during the colder months by preventing heat loss through the attic. The replacement of a roof can come down to timing as well.

It is important to have a sturdy roof to avoid expensive damage to the building, but a homeowner should not replace it before they have gotten as much life as possible out of their current roof. One of the other important decisions required when a homeowner chooses to replace their roof is whether to tear off the entire roof or to simply roof over what already exists. This decision may come down to the extent of the damage to the roof, but it can be affected by the financial factors as well.

Sometimes, all that is required is the replacement of shingles and sealant. Replacing a few shingles to prevent leaks is relatively inexpensive though it has aesthetic downsides. If the roof is not brand new, a homeowner may be forced to repair it with shingles that do not match the rest of the roof. Repairing single areas of damage by re shingling the roof could add up to 15 years to the life of the roof; however, any large patches of shingles that do not match the rest may be considered unsightly and can make it difficult to sell the home.

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