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As homeowners agree to a new roof replacement, they might dream about how the fresh materials will look on the structure. However, those materials cannot be properly positioned without removing the old items beforehand. Champaign roofing professionals must perform certain steps so that the old materials are carefully peeled and discarded from the rooftop. Understanding the removal process gives you a glimpse at the efforts involved on any roofing project.

Contractors will remove the shingles and underlayment in two separate layers whenever possible. They don't want to gouge your rooftop with their spades. Roofers begin at one end of the structure and carefully scrape the material layers away. Depending on the weather, contractors might remove one rooftop section at a time instead of stripping the entire structure. Each layer is systematically evaluated for any excessive damage, such as rot or decay. If any issues arise, the roofers will consider a more thorough analysis of the home before they add the new materials.

As the contractors reveal the wood decking, they'll examine it for strength, durability and flexibility. Because roofs only need replacement every several decades, the decking is usually hidden from view. This removal procedure offers the best time to evaluate the wood. If roofers discover any rot or decay, they'll replace that section of decking.

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Covering it with new shingles will only reduce the rooftop's future life span.

When the contractors need to remove any part of the decking, they'll take this time to also evaluate the joists. Your home has a roof truss system that makes it as strong as possible. These lumber sections provide the support that's necessary for a tall building. If the trusses decay from any damage, all of the connected materials will fail too. Contractors replace any bad joists before the new decking can be added.

There will be a lot of materials taken off of your rooftop. In the past, every material ended up in the local landfills. Today's contractors try to recycle as much of the waste as possible. Hauling it to an appropriate recycling site might be an option for your rooftop waste.

When roofers begin the removal process, you shouldn't see a cascade of materials falling to the ground. Contractors who treat a customer's property in this way are being disrespectful. Gardens, walkways and driveways can be easily damaged by falling debris. Shingles, nails and other items should be carefully hauled off of the rooftop in order to reduce the debris possibly falling to the ground.

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