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It's not unusual for homeowners to find themselves in need of a new roof without the financial resources on hand to pay for this huge expense. Of course, if a roof is significantly damaged, or if it is leaking and causing problems with other structural components of the home, waiting is just not an option. Fortunately, if a homeowner has an asphalt shingle roof, reroofing can provide a less expensive alternative to a complete tear off and new roof installation; however, it is important that a homeowner choose this option with a full understanding of some of the problems common with reroofing.

Champaign roofing contractors can often reroof over an existing asphalt shingle roof. Yet, homes that have more than one layer of shingles will likely not be a candidate for reroofing. Most building codes only allow for two layers of shingles. Additionally, the weight of multiple layers of shingles can be too much for a good number of structures.

One of the biggest problems homeowners face when they opt for reroofing over a complete tear off is that the new shingles will not provide the same level of durability. New asphalt shingles typically come with a 25 to 30 year warranty. When used in a reroofing project, however, homeowners can expect this lifespan to be reduced.

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Shingles are designed for installation on a flat surface, such as a clear roof deck. This allows the shingles to have the support they need without bending or warping. Additionally, the shingles can lie flat with the overlap necessary for proper water resistance. Unfortunately, when shingles are installed over the old roofing materials, they are mounted on a surface that is less than desirable. The uneven surface can lead to premature wear and tear of the new shingles.

Another common problem with reroofing is that the double layer of shingles can trap heat. When the roof retains heat, it can be difficult to maintain an indoor temperature that is comfortable. The home's air conditioning system must work overtime and home energy bills can soar. This added heat also takes its toll on the new shingles, causing them to break down faster than normal.

Whether it's the shortened life expectancy, the higher utility bills or the fact that homeowners will be faced with tearing off these extra layers of shingles in the future, anyone contemplating reroofing should go into the process with a full understanding of some of the problems it can cause.

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