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When a new roof is installed, there are often concerns about how to go about making that new roof last as long as possible. Top Champaign roofing contractors recommend a number of important steps to ensure that a roof lasts for its maximum lifespan.

First of all, the material chosen will greatly affect how many years new roofing will hold up. Asphalt shingles tend to last around 25 years while metal roofs can last for 50 years, and cement tile roofs are known to hold up well for 100 years. A careful calculation will have to be made that weighs the initial cost, the level of maintenance required, any energy efficiency benefits and the material's expected lifespan.

Next, it is important to obtain the best possible warranty. A roofer with GAF factory certified status can be trusted to do an installation job that conforms to warranty related requirements. In fact, GAF certified contractors are recommended to others by 90 percent of homeowners who have used them. Whatever brand of roofing is used, a manufacturer's warranty against defects can often be obtained for a 20 to 50 year time span.

Sometimes, a shorter workmanship warranty can be had from the contractor. A valuable warranty from a factory and contractor that stand by their warranty promises is a good protection against premature replacement.

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The roofer's reputation in the community for doing quality work, however, is the best guard against unnecessary problems.

Cleaning out clogged gutter troughs and downspouts can help prevent roof repairs as can sweeping leaves out of a roof's valleys. When gutters back up and weeds grow in the valleys, the roof will be damaged. Black algae does not damage more than a roof's looks, but it can be removed with bleach. Some roofing resists the growth of black algae. Moss, on the other hand, can damage a roof by acting as a water trap.

Ice dams will back up water in the valleys and cause leaks. Better insulation and ventilation in the attic often reduces ice damming, and moisture guard or flashing can also help.

Cutting back overhanging tree branches, quickly taking care of all minor repairs and leaks, and having periodic roof inspections performed are additional ways to keep up roof maintenance. Whenever signs appear of a roof problem, such as missing shingles, damaged shingles or shingle dust in the gutters, immediate actions should be taken. Regular maintenance truly extends the life of a roof.

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