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Champaign Roofing: Article About Installing Roll Roofing Over Existing Roofing

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Many homeowners on a budget go with roll roofing. Roll roofing is asphalt based like most shingles. It is easier and quicker to manufacture than shingles since it is a single piece, and as a result, it is a good deal cheaper. A Champaign roofing company can install it for a reasonable price if the homeowner does not wish to do it.

Roll roofing generally is sold in a sheet 36 inches long and 60 to 90 feet wide. It can be found at any home supply or hardware store. It may be up to half the cost of installing asphalt shingles, depending on the store and the manufacturer of the material.

If a homeowner decides to take on the task of installing the roofing, several preparations must be made before the roofing is laid. The first step is to clean the roof thoroughly so that the roll roofing will adhere properly. The homeowner must use a broom to sweep off dirt and debris and wash the roof off with a hose. The roof needs to dry before it is ready for the next step.

Roofing felt paper can be purchased for a nominal price from a home supply store as well.

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The felt paper must be cut to fit the roof and nailed down along the bottom edge. Most experts recommend one nail every 6 to 9 inches. It is important for homeowners to check the local building codes for specific requirements for nail spacing.

A second layer of felt paper must be installed to provide a proper base for the roll roofing. It must be cut and nailed in the same manner as the first but with an overlap. The second layer of felt paper may not fit properly over the first, so the homeowner must adjust it until it is tight and neat.

The next step is installing the eave drip, which moves water away from the fascia board. The fascia board is fragile and must be protected from large amounts of water. The eave drip should run from near the fascia board to the edge of the roof. It needs to be nailed down with each nail spaced roughly 6 inches apart.

After the eave drip is in place, it is time to lay the roll roofing. After it is unrolled and spread into place over the roof, it must be nailed down. As with the felt paper, it is very important to properly align the roll roofing. If it is not, water may be able to seep in between.

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