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Determining whether to repair or replace a roof can be tricky. Sometimes, an aging roof can simply be repaired. However, if any damage to the roof is not noticed in the inspection process, then it may become necessary to replace the roof anyway. That's why doing an inspection correctly is so important, and Champaign roofing professionals know this. When in doubt regarding whether to repair or replace, it's usually more cost effective to replace. An experienced roofing crew can do the entire job in a day.

The best place to start an inspection is in the attic. That's where signs of structural damage such as mold, dampness or dry rot are visible. An awl can be used to poke at the sheathing and the rafters to seek out the softness that indicates water damage. If damage is found in only a spot or two, then the leak can be repaired from above after the damaged wood is cut out and replaced.

If the rafters in an attic are sagging, it usually means they were sized too small during the original construction. They can be jacked up and additional rafters can be added.

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However, this must be done before any repairs are done to the roof or before the roof is torn off. Otherwise, jacking up the rafters can cause the repaired or new roofing to be pushed loose.

If there is sagging between the rafters, then it means that there is some kind of problem with the sheathing. Perhaps sections of the sheathing were not run across enough rafters to provide stability. Or, the sections could have been fastened in a pattern that caused them to sag. Whatever the cause, adding a second layer of sheathing on top can fix the situation.

Damage to either the fascia or the soffits can indicate that the drip edge is not working properly and water is not making it into the gutters. A portion of the fascia can be removed to check the ends of the rafters. If the rafters are not damaged, then the problem is definitely the drip edge. If they are damaged, they can be replaced after the roofing has been torn off. Sometimes, only the ends of the rafters need to be cut out and replaced.

Finally, a thorough search for any damage left by carpenter ants should be done. The most obvious sign is the presence of the ants themselves. Another is the wood shavings they leave behind when they burrow into damp wood.

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