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Filing an insurance claim after a roof has been damaged by a storm, fire or some other calamity can be stressful. The homeowner is often concerned about how the insurance company will handle the roof repair, and they wonder if the replacement roof will be as good as the original roof. By focusing on a few key aspects of a roof repair through an insurance company, many homeowners will find their replacement roof far surpasses the original roof on the home, and the new roof could be seen as nothing short of a vast improvement.

The way roofing materials are created now is certainly an improvement over how they were made years ago. Many roofs were constructed to last less than twenty years. Now, some roofing material can last much longer than that because they are simply more durable. An experienced Champaign roofing company will be able to offer advice about a roofing material that is agreeable to the insurance company and will far outlast the old roofing material.

It has been a common practice in the insurance industry to require a roof to be replaced with the same type of roofing the home had originally. Therefore, if a home was originally covered with asphalt shingles, the homeowner's insurance company would typically require the replacement roof to have asphalt shingles.

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However, some insurance companies are agreeable with the homeowner changing the roofing material, provided that the different material would not make the repair more expensive. The homeowner has an opportunity to give a fresh look to the home and update the overall appearance. In contrast, the homeowner could stay with the original type of roofing material, but could choose a different color that is better suited for the overall look of the home.

An insurance claim repair is also an opportunity to add a level of energy efficiency to the roof. Color choice takes on an entirely different purpose in this aspect of the roof because the color chosen can make the home either hotter or cooler in the summer. Darker roofs tend to absorb heat and transfer it to the home. Lighter colored roofs tend to reflect heat away from the home. In addition, ridge vents or turbines could be added during the repair if the insurance company will allow it. If not, it could be beneficial for the homeowner to pay for this aspect of the roof repair out of pocket if the energy savings would be enough.

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