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Champaign Roofing: Article About How To Prevent Roof Leaks

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Leaks are one of the most common problems that develop on roofs and often lead to extensive water damage on the property. Leaks refer to the moisture that seeps in through the roof deck and damages insulation and roof boards in the building. Although leaks can be difficult to avoid, there are a few ways to prevent them from developing in the future with the assistance of a Champaign roofing professional.

Leaks can easily be prevented by cleaning out the rain gutters on a frequent basis. The rain gutters are prone to becoming clogged each month with leaves and twigs that fall into the metal structure. This causes rainwater or melted snow to become backed up onto the roof due to a lack of drainage. The structure should also be checked for any dents, separation or holes that have developed during the season.

Check the flashing to ensure that the metal material has not lifted and that gaps are not present where moisture can get in through the roof. The flashing is installed on areas that include the chimneys and skylights, where features have been added onto the home. Although the flashing is durable, it can develop rust or become damaged over the years. Ensure that the material is in good condition to prevent leaks from developing.

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A roofing professional should be hired at least once or twice a year to inspect the shingles or tiles that are in place on the building. The roofer will determine if any of the materials are about to fall off or have landed in the yard to ensure that they can be reinstalled. Leaks are known to develop in areas of exposure where there is a lack of protection on the building. Asphalt granules that are in the gutters are another sign the materials are losing their durability and should be replaced.

Leaks often develop if homeowners fail to prepare their roof for the coming season when harsh weather is expected. Homeowners should work with a professional to prep the structure for high winds, heavy snow and rainfall. Reinforcements should be installed on the building to reduce the risk of blow offs. The attic will also need to be checked for air circulation to prevent ice dams from forming. In the summer season, a cool roof coating can be applied to protect the roofing materials from damage due to high temperatures. This will protect the shingles from blistering or curling and prevent holes or cracks that can develop on the roof.

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