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A beautiful roofing option for homeowners in certain climates is clay tile. This style of roof is traditionally used in areas with hot climates thanks to its ability to keep homes cool. While some assume that clay tile is a relatively new roofing material, the opposite is true. Despite this type of roofing's age, homeowners to this day still request to have clay tile roofs installed by Champaign roofing companies.

According to historians, the very first evidence of clay tiles being used as a roofing material dates back to 10,000 B.C. It was during this time that Neolithic China used them to cover their dwellings to protect them from the rain and other elements. Research also shows that clay roofing tiles were being used in Babylon nearly 5,000 years ago.

Clay tiles continued to grow in popularity thanks to Rome, Greece and Egypt. It was the Romans who introduced the concept of using clay tiles as a roofing material to most of Middle Europe. The use of clay tiles quickly spread across Europe thanks to its long-lasting durability and cooling properties. As further proof that clay tiles last a long time, there are still roofs made from this material standing in the 21st century that were tiled by Romans.

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By the 8th century, tile was being used to cover more than just residential homes. For example, the Hirsau Monastery in Calw used clay tiles. Later on, the monastery in Lorch, Germany, utilized clay tiles.

Eventually, clay tiles took England by storm. In 1212, King John issued a law that forced people to eliminate roofs that were combustible, such as thatch roofs. Many people replaced their roofs with clay tile thanks to its fireproof capabilities. The fire code was established in America in 1679 after the devastating fires that destroyed much of Boston and put in place in Boston and New York.

As the 18th century rolled around, tile roofing became the standard for most of Europe. Clay tiles could only be produced in areas where the raw materials were plentiful, however, and only produced where there were skilled laborers who knew how to work with this material. At the time, tile burning had to be done in piles of wood or coal that were covered with earth to create a makeshift oven.

In the 21st century, tile roofing is still considered the go-to roofing material for homeowners who live in hot climates. They allow for maximum airflow under the roof covering, which keeps homes cooler. Clay tiles aren't as popular as they once were, however, because of the development of asphalt shingles and metal panels.

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