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Even if a roof is brand new and watertight with properly installed siding, water damage can still occur if gutters are damaged or clogged. Without gutters installed on a house, water pours down the roof and washes away the soil around the foundation, causing water to pool and seep into basements. This can cause damage to foundations when water freezes in cold weather and causes cracks. Champaign roofing contractors recommend that homeowners check gutters at least once a year for the following signs that gutters might not be functioning properly.

The first time there is a heavy rain in the spring, a homeowner should examine each side of the house and look for leaks in the gutters. Water leaking out of the seams in a gutter indicates that a section might need to be replaced. If water is pouring over the top of a gutter, this indicates that the water is not draining fast enough and could be caused by debris in the gutter. If a homeowner notices water pouring down the side of the house, then the gutter might have been pulled away from the house. The homeowner should examine the ground around the downspout to ensure that the drain system is properly carrying water away from the foundation.

Debris should be removed from the roof and gutters at the earliest opportunity.

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Debris not only damages the gutters but can also cause water to pool on a roof and seep under the shingles, causing structural problems. Gutters should be cleared of debris once or twice a year, depending on the amount of tree cover. Deciduous trees shed their leaves once a year, potentially causing serious clogs. Evergreen trees can shed needles and seeds all year long. Homeowners may perform this task themselves or hire a trusted professional to remove the debris and repair any damage done.

If a homeowner has noticed water leaking out of the seams, depending on the type of gutter, the seams might need to be resealed with specially formulated caulk, or sections of the gutters could require replacement. If a homeowner has recently had gutters installed, they might still be under warranty, and the company will replace the damaged gutters. If not, the homeowner can attempt repairs or call a qualified professional.

Buildup of ice and snow on the roof over winter can add extra weight to the gutters, causing them to pull away from the house. This leaves a space between the roof and the wall that water can invade. Often, the fix for this just involves hammering the gutter back in place with a few nails and coating with a sealant. If the task seems too overwhelming, homeowners should make sure to consult a reliable and trained professional.

If the area around the bottom of the downspout is not draining properly, water can still pool around the bottom of a house. Positive grading allows the gutters to empty safely away from the foundation of the house.

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