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Green roofing materials have become more popular over the last decade and are providing environmentally conscious consumers with a number of different options to both help the environment and save money. A Champaign roofing professional can help homeowners decide on the best options for their home.

One of the easiest green roofing transitions to make is to go with a metal roofing system. While metal roofs have long been popular for their durability and reasonable cost, they are now one of the preferred materials for keeping homes cooler in the summer months. Light colored pigments in the roof's paint help reflect back the sun's rays so that upper floors stay cooler. To encourage homeowners to invest in a metal system, the federal government is offering a tax credit for new metal roof installations.

Another great option is a solar roof. Solar systems have traditionally been ungainly and unsightly arrays that haven't fit well with the aesthetic of suburban and rural environments, so homeowners have shunned using even though they save money. However, there is a new product that incorporates solar power and roofing material, saving energy and protecting the property. Solar shingles can be made to approximate the size and look of more traditional roofing materials, including asphalt shingle, tile, metal or even slate.

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Like a traditional shingle, they provide exceptional protection from the elements, but they also harness the sun's energy, which is then directed into the electrical grid. Homes that overproduce may be eligible for energy credits from the power company.

While solar shingles are more costly than other roofing materials, their two-fold purpose and ability to capture energy make them a great investment. There is no need to cover a roof completely with solar shingles. A home only needs about 250 square feet of solar shingle to see some savings on their electric bill, but the amount needed can be determined by a roofing professional in order to see the greatest return on investment.

A living roof is an even newer choice that many owners are turning to, particularly urban dwellers. A living roof is composed of living plant matter and can help a homeowner save money on cooling costs by mitigating the heat island effect typical of large cities. They can also provide an urban oasis for both people and wildlife. Living roofs provide the same protection against the elements, but they do require maintenance in order to stay viable.

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