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Champaign Roofing: Article About Finding Roofing Damage After Severe Weather

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Property damage is a large risk when living in areas with a great number of storms and severe weather each year. There are many ways to prepare interior areas of a house in advance of severe weather, but the roof is and will remain exposed to the elements. Hail, high wind, ice and debris can all cause damage to roofing materials. Sometimes the damage is easy to detect, but it can often be undetectable to an untrained eye. If small issues are not addressed quickly after a storm, much bigger problems can and will occur over time. Contacting a Champaign roofing professional quickly to determine the level of damage and what repair may be needed is an economical and cautionary way to properly maintain the roof of a home.

For metal roofing, identifying dents in shingles or panels as well as vented areas is important after a hailstorm. High winds can also cause metal panels to become removed. Metal roofing is made to withstand high wind and severe weather, but they can still become damaged. Looking for evidence of damage to these areas can be indicative of serious leaks and should be dealt with immediately.

On asphalt roofing, the shingles are more susceptible to damage than most other roofing materials.

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They must be maintained regularly and repaired immediately following storms. Looking for areas that are dented, buckled or warped is also a clear indication of damage. Missing and torn shingles can occur as a result of storm damage as well. Wood roofing tiles have much the same concern; broken shingles and shakes will occur because of debris and high wind.

Looking to the interior of the house is perhaps even more important than the exterior. The attic area shows water stains and clearly identifies where water is entering the house. Tree limbs falling on the roof and other debris can cause damage to shingles and even the roof deck and framing.

Once it is clear that damage has occurred after a storm, it is important to allow a roofing professional to help determine the extent of the damage and next steps. They can be very helpful in working with insurance policies if necessary. However, understanding the basics of how and where roof damage may occur is important. Discussing the options available with a professional quickly after a storm will keep the damage to a minimum and end with a much smaller headache for the homeowner.

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