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One of the most common inquiries that homeowners have for Champaign roofing professionals when it is time to choose materials is how to differentiate between different types and styles of shingles. It is fairly simple to distinguish between the various types of shingles when they are broken down into three specific categories that help the homeowner understand functionality and budget.

The most common type of roofing shingle is the three tab single shingle, which has a simple and flat appearance. It is this style of shingle that most people have in mind when they envision shingles. As far as aesthetic appeal is concerned, these particular shingles are straightforward; however, they are highly functional. They can also be broken down into two basic sub categories: 20 year and 25 year. The 25 year version is available with fungal resistance, which helps to keep those unattractive black streaks off the shingles. The two different sub categories are identical in appearance with the only difference being the lifespan and available fungus resistance.

The next category of shingles is architectural shingles, a shingle design that is ideal for homeowners who place a substantial level of gravity on appearance in addition to the functionality of the shingle. These types of shingles have the value added bonus of coming in a number of different color blends and looks that have the capacity to give the roof a layered presentation.

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These shingles are heavier and sturdier than single shingles, which means that they are more durable than economy style shingles. They stand up better to wind, rain, and wear and tear, offering a longer lifespan. These shingles come in three categories of 30 year, 40 year and 50 year versions. All three versions offer fungus resistance to protect the visual attractiveness of the shingle.

Designer shingles are considered the flagship shingles of each respective manufacturer. These designer shingles are all unique in appearance, meaning that they offer a broad scope as far as visual presentation is concerned. These unique looks allow owners to create the specific look that they desire while providing the protection that their home requires. These shingles also come in three categories, which include 40 year, 50 year and lifetime, all of which come with fungus resistance.

When a homeowner is looking to make a decision between the shingles that are available, a number of issues should be considered. Primarily, it will be important to remain within the established budget while ensuring that the shingles have the highest level of functionality possible.

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