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Curling of asphalt shingles is a common problem that can develop on roofs. Not only are curled shingles an eyesore, but they can also lead to serious trouble with the roofing system and the rest of the home. By understanding what causes roofing shingles to curl, homeowners will know when it's time to contact Champaign roofing experts for an inspection or repair service.

The leading cause of shingle curling is improper initial installation of the roofing materials. If the shingles were affixed to a wet roofing deck, the moisture could migrate into the fiberglass or organic base of the shingles, causing them to curl up. Organic based shingles are more likely than fiberglass backed shingles to experience curling as the organic materials are more permeable.

Moisture problems within the roofing system also cause shingles to curl. Moisture or water that gets inside of the roof due to damaged soffits, fascia or flashing gets soaked up by the decking. In turn, heat from the outdoors and attic allows the moisture to expand and affect the shingles.

Another cause of shingle curling is exposure to excessive heat.

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Black asphalt shingles absorb more of the sun's energy, allowing them to get much hotter than shingles of any other color. During the hottest months of the summer, the shingles may experience curling that begins at the corners and moves toward the tabs. Many property owners notice that south and east facing roof slopes have the most curling as it is this side of the roof that gets the most heat and sunshine during the summer.

Inadequate attic ventilation is another frequent cause of shingle curling. During the summer months, a tremendous amount of heat can build up in the attic space of a house. Without enough rooftop, gable or fascia vents or a whole house fan to ventilate this superheated air to the outdoors, the roof decking and shingles will absorb the heat. Exposure to this high level of hot air causes the shingles to curl.

If just a couple of the shingles are curled, the individually affected pieces can be removed and replaced easily by local roofing contractors. However, if nearly all of the shingles have curled and early roof failure has developed, the entire roof will need to be promptly replaced. Prompt replacement of a worn out roof helps to reduce the risk of the house developing a leak or structural problems due to water infiltration.

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