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When homeowners schedule Champaign roofing professionals to perform a roof inspection on their property, they often believe the appointment will only include a shingle inspection. However, every rooftop is a complex collection of several components from the ridge vent to drip edge. These accessories collectively create a healthy rooftop that lasts for several decades. Explore your rooftop and learn about these accessories that are commonly inspected by roofing professionals.

Although the gutters are attached to the roof's edge, they're an integral part of the roofing system. They provide a pathway for water to exit the building without damaging the siding, fascia or foundation. Contractors will always evaluate the gutters with the shingles so that any leaks can be avoided. The gutters must have a slight angle to their channels, which contributes to rapid water movement.

The gutters reside on the fascia. This lumber supports the roofline and gutters at the same time. It also creates an attractive aesthetic for the soffit area. Your roofline is a critical part of the entire shingled surface above because its angle toward the ground encourages strong water flows away from the attic. When roofers arrive for an evaluation, they'll look over the fascia and hidden joists within the soffits. Healthy wood in this location indicates that the roof is performing its job well.

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If you could take a walk on your roof, you'd notice a lot of metal surrounding each penetration, including skylights and pipe vents. This metal is referred to as flashing. It's used at transition points along the rooftop so that water cannot pool between the shingles. Roofers focus on inspecting the flashing surrounding the penetrations because natural expansion and contraction movements can cause gaps in these areas. Professionals will adjust and fasten the flashing back into place when necessary.

The roof's ventilation between the ridge and soffits is also evaluated at each maintenance appointment. Contractors will remove any obstacles, such as nests, and test the ventilation. When the roof remains at a steady temperature across the entire surface, this environment encourages a long life span for the shingles. Hot and cold spots on the roof because of poor ventilation will require many repairs.

If your roof ever needs a complete replacement, the accessories aren't automatically included in the estimate. Most accessories, such as the gutters, will merely require some adjustment after being removed for the replacement project. With a regular service schedule, you'll save money on the new roof while maintaining the accessories as they should be.

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