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Champaign Roofing: Article About Common Gutter Guard Types

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Ask five homeowners about their least favorite spring cleaning jobs, and the majority will claim that they hate cleaning their gutters. It's hard to blame them, though. Whether a home features modern gutters made from vinyl or plastic or older gutters made from a metal like copper or stainless steel, those areas of the roof can pick up debris from any number of sources. Newspapers and garbage can blow in from a neighbor's yard while other types of debris may accumulate because of animals living on the roof and inside the gutters. Champaign roofing companies sometimes recommend that homeowners install gutter guards to protect their gutters.

Most gutters use some type of gutter spikes or screws that keep those pieces in place and firmly attached to the roof. Roofers can install the guards directly on top without disrupting the gutters or removing any hardware first. The most common type is one called a mesh gutter guard, which looks like a thin and lightweight sheet of mesh. Roofers can actually cut the mesh to the specific size needed and secure it to both the roof and one or more sides of the gutters with thin screws.

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The holes inside the mesh are small enough to block both debris and animals.

Some prefer the way that reverse gutter guards both look and function. Often made from plastic or a specially coated metal, each piece has a convex shape that fits directly over the top of the gutter. This allows any debris that rolls off the house or flies against the house to bounce off the guard and fall in the yard, but the design still allows rolling water to fall into those gutters.

There are also foam guards that fit most standard gutters. The foam absorbs water and allows that moisture to move through the foam before dripping into the gutter. Any debris that accumulates will do so inside the trench that runs through the middle of the foam. Homeowners can either clean out those trenches or toss the old foam away and buy new guards.

Those looking for something they can use during the winter months may prefer nylon guards. These guards have a convex shape and curve up to keep ice and snow from forming inside the gutters. The nylon also does a great job of keeping trash out while still helping keep water away from the house. Homeowners may find it helpful to speak with professional roofing companies before choosing a new type of gutter guard.

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