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Champaign Roofing: Article About Common Attic Ventilation Misconceptions

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The type of installation necessary for efficient rooftop ventilation is commonly misunderstood, and this can result in costly and time consuming mistakes. When homeowners need to establish an efficient ventilation system in their attics, it is important they understand that the requirements differ between homes. While Champaign roofing experts can provide customers with different types of attic vent installations, they encourage everyone to become aware of a few misconceptions that may cause problems in the future. By knowing what to expect, homeowners will be able to extend the life of their roofing system without having to worry about premature issues, which can result in future savings on potentially substantial repair costs.

One of the most common misconceptions about an attic's vent system is that the presence of more ventilation is better for a home. However, just like sizing the right furnace and air conditioner, it is important for the attic's ventilation system to be sized appropriately. A home that has insufficient ventilation will develop heat and moisture problems during the winter. On the other hand, if the home has too much ventilation, the unnecessary amount of roof penetration can lead to moisture problems developing more quickly.

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Poor ventilation will lead to the seams become weaker, which can result in the shingles becoming prone to frequent leaks or worse, blowoffs during a violent storm.

Another misconception homeowners have is that roof vents should only be installed in warmer climates. While proper rooftop ventilation is critical during the summer, it can be just as vital during the winter. Many professionals believe that a colder climate benefits more from attic ventilation. With proper ventilation, homeowners will not have to worry about condensation appearing during the winter, resulting in hidden moisture problems around rafters and joists. Unless the attic is sealed with rigid and reliable insulation, ventilation should always be installed in order to mitigate potential moisture buildup.

Finally, many homeowners believe that just because warm air rises, rooftop ventilation will cause problems during the winter. The rationale is that the home will lose heat because the warm air will continue rising until it leaves through the roof's ventilation sections. However, if this is happening, the problem is likely with the home's insulation rather than the ventilation system in the attic. If homeowners visit their attic space during a sunny, winter day, the space will actually be warm. With proper ventilation, moisture will never develop because it has the exit it needs to escape while the rest of the space keeps heat as necessary.

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