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Regularly cleaning roof shingles can have a dramatic effect on the attractiveness of a home. It can also be an important roof maintenance step that extends shingle life and provides an opportunity to limit costs by identifying potential issues as early as possible.

A good rule of thumb is to clean a roof at least on an annual basis, and many Champaign roofing companies can perform this service along with a regular inspection. It is also a good idea to spot clean stained areas on shingles, and some homeowners may prefer to do the annual cleaning themselves. Ideally, choose a day that is cool, humid or overcast so that the cleaning solution does not dry too quickly, and try to work ahead of any rain by at least several hours.

A number of premixed cleaning solutions for shingles are available on the market. Some of these products are intended for attachment to garden hoses, which is effective as a preventive measure but not necessarily for stain removal. Many professionals will mix their own solution in a garden sprayer using hot water, bleach and detergent.

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If the roof is experiencing or is prone to attracting algae, fungus, mold or something similar, professionals will usually mix in an algaecide as well.

When using a garden sprayer, it is necessary to stand on the roof to apply the solution. Never begin spraying from a ladder and then step out onto the roof. In fact, it is best to start spraying the lowest shingles and then work up until the peak is reached. Perform this process for each section in order to avoid walking on wet shingles, which is when walking on a roof is most dangerous.

When an area is reached that is stained, such as by algae, or has caked dirt, spray the area heavily. Then put the garden sprayer down and scrub the dirty area using a roof broom. It is all right to scrub hard because the bristles of a roof broom are not rigid enough to remove the granules from a healthy shingle. If many granules are removed during the scrubbing process, then this is an indication of a problem with the shingle, and the homeowner should call a professional for repair as soon as possible.

The solution indicated above only needs to saturate the roof for about 15 minutes. The clean shingles should be rinsed even if they dry. Use a garden hose from the ground to rinse the roof.

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