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Champaign Roofing: Article About Asphalt and Metal Roofs

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Champaign roofing professionals realize that the roof is the most important surface on the home. It provides more protection to the home than the exterior walls. Since the roof has a surface that is most exposed to the elements, it is required to undertake a huge task. A leaky or damaged roof can result in thousands of dollars in repairs. Unfortunately, many customers do not think about the roof until they are facing a blizzard, rainstorm or hail.

If a homeowner were to ask production builders what they thought the best roofing material was, they would likely say asphalt. However, if they spoke with an architect, they would argue that metal is the best way to go. The discrepancy comes about because builders, architects and homeowners have different ideas of what they want from the roof.

As an example, most home buyers are primarily concerned about the price of the roof. They are not so concerned about the material the roof is made of, as long as it functions properly for the next few years. Production builders are focused on how the home looks and how the roof functions, and they're interested in building a roof that is affordable for their customers.

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An architect wants a roof that functions well and is aesthetically pleasing.

Commenting on the viability of asphalt, The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association proclaims that asphalt is easy to look at and also easy on the wallet.

Depending on the brand a homeowner purchases, asphalt shingles have a warranty lasting between 20 and 30 years. The life of an asphalt roof can be shorter depending on the location of the home and the maintenance the homeowner performs.

Asphalt is the number one product for roofing in North America. The industry claims that 80 percent of roofs in North America are covered with asphalt. However, that number is slowly diminishing. More people are opting for metal roofs because of their longevity. A metal roof can last for half a century, maintaining its appearance and requiring no maintenance.

However, the longevity and beauty of metal comes at a high price. It can cost three times as much as an asphalt roof. In addition to the increased price of the base material, installing metal roofs is labor intensive, which increases the price. Contractors need to use special tools when fastening the metal sheets to the decking and when creating things like a drip edge or eaves.

Homeowners will need to decide for themselves what is more important: having a roof that will last forever or one that is affordable.

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